Feel Good Combo, Feel Good Combo

Feel Good Combo For 4-6 Pax

Includes 2 12" New York-style Pizzas, 2 Pastas, 12pcs Juicy Chicken Tenders, 2 Desserts, 6 Beverages
ไปป้ธ 2 ๅ€‹Pizzaใ€2 ๅ€‹ๆ„็ฒ‰ใ€12 ๅ€‹้›ž่‚‰ๅซฉ่‚‰ๅ’Œใ€ 2 ๅ€‹็”œ้ปžไปฅๅŠใ€ 6ๆฏๆฑฝๆฐดๆˆ–ๆžœๆฑ

*Pizza Choices: ้ธๆ“‡ไปฅไธ‹ไปปไฝ•1ๅ€‹12"่–„้ค…ๅฃๅ‘ณ:
- Margherita ็‘ชๆ ผ้บ—็‰น
- Pepperoni ่พฃ่‚‰่…ธ
- Hawaiian ๅคๅจๅคท
- Veghead ่”ฌ่œ
- Butter Chicken ็‰›ๆฒน้›ž่‚‰

*Pasta Choices: ้ธๆ“‡ไปฅไธ‹ไปปไฝ•1ๆฌพๆ„็ฒ‰
- Bacon Carbonara ็…™่‚‰ๅก้‚ฆๅฐผๆ„็ฒ‰
- Aglio Olio ่’œ้ฆ™ๆฌ–ๆฒนๆ„็ฒ‰
- Mac & Cheese ่Šๅฃซ้€šๅฟƒ็ฒ‰
- Mushroom & Spinach Linguine ่˜‘่‡่ ่œๆ‰ๆ„็ฒ‰
- Spaghetti Bolognese ่‚‰้†ฌๆ„็ฒ‰

*Dessert Choices: ้ธๆ“‡ไปฅไธ‹ไปปไฝ•1ๆฌพ็”œๅ“:
- Baked Slice New York Cheesecake ็ด็ด„่Šๅฃซ่›‹็ณ•(ๅˆ‡ไปถ่ฃ)
- Italian Tiramisu ๆ„ๅคงๅˆฉ่Šๅฃซ่›‹็ณ•(ๆๆ‹‰็ฑณ่˜‡)

*Beverage Choices: ้ธๆ“‡ไปฅไธ‹ไปปไฝ•3ๆฌพๆฑฝๆฐด:
- Coke ๅฏๆจ‚
- Coke Zero ้›ถ็ณปๅฏๆจ‚
- Sprite ้›ช็ขง
- Boxed Apple Juice (250ml) ็›’่ฃ่˜‹ๆžœๆฑ
- Boxed Orange Juice (250ml) ็›’่ฃๆฉ™ๆฑ

Please indicate your preferred choices, special instructions, and/or food allergies in the REMARKS section upon check out should you have any.

E.g. 2 Pepperoni Pizzas, 2 Aglio Olios, 12pcs Juicy Chicken Tenders, 2 Italian Tiramisus, and 6 Boxed Apple Juice. Allergic to Salt (please remove)