Indian Butter Chicken - NEW!

Southside Rotisserie Chicken (Good for 4-5 pax)

Inclusive of :
1. 1 Whole (1.8KG) Lemon & Herb Rotisserie Chicken
* Fully-cooked Warm, Fully-cooked Chilled, or Frozen (Ready to Reheat and Eat!)

*Flavour Choices :
- Mediterranean
- Peri-Peri

2. Choice of 1 Side Dish :
- Small Caesar Salad
- Small Pesto Chicken Pasta
- Fries
- Buttered Cajun Sweetcorn
- Baby Roasted New Potatoes

* Please indicate your preferred type of rotisserie chicken and side dish in the REMARKS section upon check-out. Kindly also indicate special instructions, should you have any. If left blank, we will send our own selection.

E.g. 1 Fully-cooked warm peri-peri rotisserie chicken. 1 small caesar salad. Allergic to Salt (please remove)