Hotdog Combo

The Mexican Combo

A grilled sausage topped with beef bolognaise, nacho cheese sauce, jalapeno, and tortilla chips

• Your choice of Grilled Pork Sausage or Wagyu Beef Sausage
• Your choice of Crinkle Fries (Beef Chili Crinkle Fries, Cajun Crinkle Fries, Cheesy Crinkle Fries, or Mushroom Gravy Crinkle Fries)
• Your choice of Softdrink (Coke, Coke Zero, or Sprite) or Juice (Apple, Orange, or Pineapple)

Please indicate your special instructions and/or food allergies in the REMARKS section upon check out, should you have any.

E.g. Wagyu Beef Sausage with Beef Chili Crinkle Fries and Apple Juice. Allergic to Salt (please remove)